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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Illustrious Andrew Bar

Andy Bar is an artist musician who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Andy started his illustrious art career way back in grade school where his specialty was drawing pictures of Garfield, the cat, for his classmates. He sold these pictures for a dollar a piece to his fellow students. One time a kid offered Andy five dollars to draw a picture of Garfield holding a gun. Andy should have respectably declined this offer on moral grounds, but he didn’t. Five dollars goes along way for a kid. Thankfully, this was in Pre-Columbine days. Andy knew drawing bootleg pictures of Garfield could only take him so far in his art career so Andy eventually branched out to creating his own characters comics.

Upon graduation from high school Andy decided to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He learned everything from painting, printmaking, animation, puppetry, illustration, to video editing. He also wrote and performed music on his own time. While living in Chicago he met a fellow musician by the name of Josephine Foster. They decided to collabarate and formed the band kown as The Children's Hour. They released the nationally distributed album S.O.S. J.F.K. They performed at an open mic hosted by none other then Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. The Children's Hour tickled his fancy and he asked them if they would like to open up for him on his Zwan North American tour. They said yes (well duh!). For awhile Andy was sidetracked from his fine art endeavors so he could concentrate on living the musicians life.

After this chapter in his life settled down a bit he returned to his passion for writing and illustrating stories in the comic book form.

A comic he did was once featured on the popular celebrity gossip site Andy continues to do art and music to this day and is patiently awaiting his next big break.

Check out his work and inquire about his new CD (indie childrens music) at Facebook!

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